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My bar's Virtual Tour

I'm so proud of my backyard bar named, the Pour Decisions Bar, so I had a 3d virtual tour done of it so you can now visit virtually from your own home!

My bar's Virtual Tour
How cool is technology.. come actually tour the bar from your phone/computer.

My backyard bar that is the Pour Decisions Bar, my favorite place to hide from my wive(s), now ex's , and my kids.. ok I'm kind of kidding. lol

This little bar was built by my buddy Mark and I over 5 years ago and holds so many memories that it makes my head hurt. It's honestly Bronx and I's favorite place to hang out.

So I hope you enjoy the virtual tour I put together for you with the help of my awesome buddy Shawn from the Shawn & Roxi Real Estate Team .

Virtually explore my bar:

And remember, there's a story behind the bar... See how it was built:

How did I end up with a bar in my backyard?

Want a video tour? Although, this video is old and the woman mentioned is no longer around lol, you can still enjoy my walk thru:

The only bar open during Covid!

Ben Anthony profile image Ben Anthony