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Bronx - the American, Canadian Bulldog

Ben's right-hand man, well dog, and the one that's never left him! Bronx is usually around barking and/or getting in the way or being an unwilling participant in some of my content. (when I pull out my camera he runs away from me lol) Bronx

Bronx - the American, Canadian Bulldog
Yup, he's the Canadian, American Bulldog that's Ben's best friend.

Ben's right-hand man, well dog, and the one that's never left him! Bronx is usually around barking and/or getting in the way or being an unwilling participant in some of my content. (when I pull out my camera he runs away from me lol)

Bronx and his daddy (Me - Ben )

Bronx and Ben's love affair started when I got him as a puppy about seven and a half years ago at 9 weeks old. At the time he weighed 18 pounds and could sit on my shoulder.

Bronx is an American Bulldog, but since he was born in Canada, Ben thinks of him as the Canadian-American Bulldog... and since I'm 100% Italian, maybe he should be the Canadian-Italian-American Bulldog?

Bronx as a little puppy with Ben (with short hair)

Lifting him now is MUCH different as this little pork chop weighs in at about 120 pounds.... Yes, he's pleasantly plump to say the least and my kids like to tease him and call him "Sausage Roll" - Pour guy :) .

Bronx pretending to be a baby in a car seat. Yup, he's my sucky baby.

Bronx loves everyone and is also known as "Bonk" and "Bong" (maybe because my Canadian weed obsession) ... 

And for anyone thinking I’m exploiting him… have you seen the cost of dog food lately? :o) LOL 

Bronx protecting his food supply. Tough times call for tough measures.

Just a cute picture of when I could actually still easily pick the Bronx up:

Yup... about 1 year old here and already fairly big.

Bronx has seen a lot and if he could talk, I would/should probably be scared... I don't think he can take being introduced to another mom but he even stood up in his OG's mom and I's wedding:

Bronx with his OG mom at our wedding.

One thing you might have never guessed is that Bronx absolutely HATES the pool. In the summer, you can find him continuously running around the pool as the unofficial lifeguard when the kids or I are in the pool (seriously he needs a life jacket).

But the funny part is, he'd NEVER go in, unless he falls in, which usually happens once a year and lifting him out is NOT easy to say the least... unless you're build like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Bronx making sure no one is left in the pool.

And really the only time that Bronx likes the pool is when it's actually closed for the winter. And although you can walk on my pool, I have an elephant cover, he would NEVER be caught dead on it!

My beautiful boy protecting the pool.

And Bronx has LOTS of great friends... way too many to count actually but here are some of them:

Bronx and Leon.

This is one of his favorite friends for sure.. Bubba, the Pocket Bulldog that lives across the street... together their laziness is unmatched!

The best part is each time I go to walk Bronx, he immediately wants to go visit Bubba but when they get together, both their lazy asses literally just sniff each others butts for thirty seconds and then both dogs just go on their own sniffing around, not caring that the other is there... Madness if you ask me.

Bronx and his buddy Bubba

Oh and did I tell you that Bronx has sisters? Well, cat sisters... Rosie & Dopey... At first I was terrified of getting the cats as I didn't know how he would be with them, but after a few days their love affair started and you can now catch the cats sleeping with Bronx and/or right on top of him!

And the most interesting, Rosie, the cat with the brown nose, favors Bronx. You will find her cuddling up to Bronx most nights! Overload of cuteness if you ask me!

Bronx and his sister Rosie :) - Rosie loves Bronx the most.

Bronx and Dopey both waiting for their treat... no idea why they think that :)

Bronx and his sister Dopey.

After we got the cast iron fireplace installed in the Pour Decisions Bar, my buddy Todd thought why not cook up some hot dogs.

Believe it or not, upon my return of running into the house to grab some plates, I found only one hot dog left on the fireplace. I'll give you one guess! Yes, Bronx, without ANY burns, strategically helped himself to the rest of the hot dogs, leaving us one... (was I ever pissed! LOL )

Bronx supervising the Hot Dogs cooking at Pour Decisions.

And he's becoming quite the movie star: (just some of the shorts he's been in):

Marriage explained to Bronx.

Typical Friday night with an American Bulldog.

Between his farts, neediness and non-stop need to want to come in and out of the house, how could you have a better night?

Typical night with Bronx.

And ohhh, his smell... Don't even get me started on this... let's just say, he should NEVER eat Taco Bell again.

Just wait for it... American Bulldog farts are the worst!

And if you came all the way down here, you should be rewarded... So as a bonus , here is a picture that was sent to me my good buddy a few years back ... My buddy titled it "Bronx - the worst Uber Driver ever" .... enjoy!

I have to agree - Pretty bad driver - Uber hope you have great insurance!

And if you have any question on how cute Bronx is, this below picture had us as a runner up for a "Cutest dog contest" a few years back...

In my honest opinion, he should have won, but like all parents, I will always think he's the cutest around!

Bronx - Runner up for the cutest dog award.
Ben Anthony profile image Ben Anthony