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The Bar - Pour Decisions

Have you ever heard of Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada? Don't feel bad - neither has anyone else. Tecumseh is the home of Ben's backyard bar, Pour Decisions. Pour Decision's isn't as famous as Niagara Falls or Toronto. And it’s so close to

The Bar - Pour Decisions
Contrary to anyone thinking I'm misspelling it, "Pour" is after my bar's name.

Have you ever heard of Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada? Don't feel bad - neither has anyone else. Tecumseh is the home of Ben's backyard bar, Pour Decisions.

Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada. Where all the magic happens.

Pour Decision's isn't as famous as Niagara Falls or Toronto. And it’s so close to America you can smell Detroit 23 out of 24 hours a day.

I'm kidding about Detroit's smell. I'm playing off an old Detroit stereotype as downtown Detroit is now AWESOME and definitely worth going to check out if you can. It's completely revamped and holds three very magnificent venues/stadiums which includes the homes of the Detroit Lions (Ford Field), the Detroit Tigers (Comerica Park), and of the Detroit Red Wings/ Detroit Pistons (Little Caesars Arena)

People have went over the falls and have survived! Google it! #truth

Sounds like a place you would want to stay away from, right? Wrong! You can bet your sweet maple syrupy ass that Pour Decisions has something for everyone.

There’s no cover charge, and the laughs and life advice are always free. The best part - Pour Decisions is open 24 hours and there’s no cover!

The Outside of the bar that resides in Ben's backyard - The Pour Decisions Bar.

The Pour Decisions Bar has seen patrons comes and go over the past 5 years, each leaving their own memory behind. At current count, there are over 160 items in the bar.. all with their own unique story and laughs, cries or something in the middle.

Pour Decisions Bar - 2022

The only thing Ben ever asks (if you remember anyways) is that if you visit the bar more than once, make sure the second time that you've thought up of something to leave behind.

It can really be anything, from a business card, to a towel (both exist with their own stories in the bar.

Even the towel has a story.

Yes, you heard me correctly. I'm all about making great friends and meeting new and cool people so I always love being able to look back at all these random and unique items that live in the bar.

Each has their own story... everything from a haunted talking mask, to things from Ben's loves of his life all the way down to a baby shoe.. Yup, a baby shoe.

The mysterious baby shoe that was left behind .

One of my favorite items are my two astronaut lights. They were given to me by my buddy Ray who I met years ago through my other job.

Purely AWESOME... always makes me feel happier!

Ray, a new & young entrepreneur actually sells these amazing astronaut lights on Amazon. So if you want to add some excitement to any room, get a little romantic or even just have something cool to look at it, order these inexpensive very cool "light bots" (what I call them anyways), directly on Amazon.

I seriously have SOOO much fun with these! LOL

And did you know that The Pour Decisions Bar was build by Ben and his buddy/neighbor Mark? The Pour Decisions Bar was built over the past 5 years with my 2 bare hands... Ok, well, I was really the assistant to my mastermind buddy/neighbor Mark. You can check out our construction journey here.

Ben and Mark have been friends since Ben moved in about 6+ years ago to the neighborhood and at the time, the "Pour Decisions bar" was just a wood shed which was really just a blank space with some shelves (that Ben took down).

Building the Pour Decisions Bar... the shed was a blank canvas.

And did you know that you can also mail Ben something for the Pour Decisions Bar so that it can live forever in the bar? He'll go over it on video and share it on social media.. his favorite so far, his haunted ducks from his friend Karen and the "Texas Ear Muffs" ....

The Texas earmuffs - Straight from Aberdeen, Texas.

If you want to see how Ben became infatuated with the Texas earmuffs, you can watch it below as it all started when he received them in his PO Box:

How Ben fell in love with Texas Ear Muffs.

The Pour Decisions bar actual sign... a source of a lot of confusion as to why I always spell "Poor Decisions" (the proper spelling in context of how I use it) compared to how I actually use it "Pour Decisions".

You see, the idea of "Not a Pour Decisions" started in the Pour Decisions Bar so I thought, why not continue use the spelling from the bar of "Pour".

The actual bar sign - First time I put it up in 2018.

Here's a quick video tour of the bar. I will get into more details of the items and eventually get out a "bigger bar tour" but this quick video will give you an idea of the craziness that is the Pour Decisions Bar. (some think it's like my head - scattered and crazy :) )

Pour Decisions Quick Bar Tour

If you made it all the way down here, I'm going to share with you a cool picture of how the Pour Decisions Bar looked months after it was first created. (Hint, hint, Ben didn't really start decorating it yet with all his items which he calls memories... let his ADD shine.)

The bar lit up at night... Before Ben had the idea to start adding items (memories)

So if you can't make the actual trip to the Pour Decisions Bar, make sure to use your favorite social media vehicle (Facebook, IG, Tik Tok, YouTube, Clapper) and see what Ben and Bronx are up to.

Just make sure you do, because it’s only a matter of time before Pour Decisions becomes American famous and loses all its Canadian charm.

Follow on pretty much all the social channels.. you won't be disappointed.

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