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Ben's Robe Obsession - Explained

Why in the hell do I wear my robe 85% of the time? Well, to get to that answer, you need to first understand how it all started. Up until 5 years ago or so, I was the typical Italian Preppy boy and even wore button shirts, had short hair

Ben's Robe Obsession - Explained
Why does he love that robe so much?

Why in the hell do I wear my robe 85% of the time? Well, to get to that answer, you need to first understand how it all started.

Up until 5 years ago or so, I was the typical Italian Preppy boy and even wore button shirts, had short hair and at times even wore a tie!.

For about five years, I travelled twice a month for business and that made it worst... dress clothes on an airplane... TERRIBLE!

Living out of a suit case SUCKS!

Then a year or so before Covid, around the time of one of my divorces, I thought, "why do I care what I wear?, I don't see customers as all my business was online."

And from that moment on, I was known in my neighborhood of Tecumseh, Ontario Canada as the man that didn't wear a shirt, shoes or socks. (true story and you can even ask my neighbors).

Shirt, shoes to get service = no thanks :)

It was so bad that on one of my birthday's, my friends got me sandals & a shirt as they thought I couldn't afford any. And believe it or not, those sandals still live in the Pour Decisions bar:

Still live in the Pour Decisions Bar - Unworn

So why go from no shirt/socks/shoes to a Robe? Well, before we get to that answer, let's go over some of the rumors that I've heard over the years as to why I wear the rob from a variety of different sources!

I guess a man in a robe is kind of interesting?

Robe Speculation #1:

"Ben wears his robe for easy access for his wives", yup, I've heard this one! Well, although I LOVE, LOVE the idea, come on, who wouldn't, it's not true, well maybe partially the truth at a subconscious level 😏.

But so you all know, this is the reason I don't wear underwear most of the time... (kind of kidding lol ). Either way, definitely NOT the reason why I wear the robe.

Easy access = Robe.

Robe Speculation #2:

Another speculation as to why I wear my robe most of the time is that I lost all my clothes in one of my divorces. Well this isn't quite true, but true for my furniture in my living room which I still haven't replaced but plan on at some point. (I'm slow moving for things I really don't have interest in LOL), but wouldn't this be funny if it was true?

But really, why would she have taken my clothes? I'd understand if she burned the clothes, but take them?

You had to burn them? Really?

Robe Speculation #3:

One of my favorite rumors I've heard about my robe obsession was that I thought I was the "Hugh Heffner of Tecumseh, Ontario Canada". Although, I might be seen as this (if you're judging a book by a cover), it's also not true.

Hugh Heffner seemed to have a great life surrounded by sex, drugs and rock and roll, I'm more of a one lady man but hey, I don't judge and besides Hugh looked like he rocked it pretty well.

If only this was true.

The Truth about the robe:

So you want the truth as to why I wear my robe most of the time? I guess it makes it easier to not have to coordinate colors, pick my clothes out and/or really worry about keeping the laundry up to date lol.

And remember, I run my household with three kids, an American Bulldog named Bronx and two cats, Dopey & Rosie, on my own (unless my amazing crazy Italian mother comes over and helps- which she'd do daily if I allowed her to ), so I'm always busy and will always prioritize the kids and my jobs over anything for myself.

And to be honest, it saves me from having my neighbors see me go outside with my underwear on.. that's maybe the most truth of the story behind the robe lol.. And TRUST ME, my neighbors, past and present, will testify to this....

Pretty much the truth from my neighbors perspective

Bonus: What my son thinks about how I dress:
So my son loves playing hockey and is currently on two separate teams so I'm always at the arena . A few months back, my son asks me this (again):

Son: Why don't you dress nicer for hockey?
Me (Ben): Do people still talk to me at hockey?
Son: uhhh ya.

Me (Ben): Then why do I care what I dress like?
Son: Well, people are going to think you're pour (poor)
Me: And if they care that I'm pour/poor and for that reason they don't want to talk to me, then I don't want to talk to them either.
Son: Shakes head and then understands (or pretends to).

I usually wear my track pants and a sweater but I'm starting to think the Robe would work.

Why does my, not so fancy, wardrobe matter so much ? Well it doesn't, it's more about what it symbolizes.  It symbolizes that I'm practicing what I'm preaching; DON'T care what others think and BE OK with YOU. I know my worth and if you don't like me "because of my clothes", I wouldn't want to be friends with you anyways.

Fast forward a month and my son brought up my not so nice dress attire up again but this time, I answered with this" "do you know Adam Sandler and Mark Zuckerberg?  They both dress similar to me and both don't give a shit about style, and they're both worth MEGA BUCKS"

And with that said, I saw a light bulb go off in my brilliant sons head... his response:

"Dad, you actually kind of look like Adam Sandler and I get it, if someone judges you on clothes or what you can afford, then they are not someone you want to hang out with because you don't like people that judge" .

Adam Sandler or Ben?

And BINGO at that moment, I knew that I was doing my job in raising great kids that will become great adults. This world can be a harsh place and ALL our missions should be to leave it a better place when we leave it.

And if you scrolled all the way down here.. enjoy a picture of me dressed up for a recent wedding I attended: (not my normal attire ... TRUST ME LOL)

Dressed against my will.
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