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The meme King - How all began

I, Ben, have been a meme king for a long time. Even way before NAPD, my channel. Here are some of my favorites.

The meme King - How all began
Just some of my fav original meme's ... enjoy lol

When I tell you that my WHOLE life prepared and led me down a path to start my channel, Not a Pour Decision, I'm not kidding. When I'm ready to finally REALLY get into the details of the whole CRAZY story, you will understand more but for now here's a little tidbit of it...

For years, on my personal Facebook, I was knows as the "MEME KING". I'd get messages here and there thanking me for the laugh... this was coupled with my fun loving personality which has not changed for years!

Anyways, enough of me talking ... enjoy some of my favorite ORIGINAL meme's that we've created for you! (I mean my business partner Hayden who does a lot of the backend stuff for us)

Always the lie detector.

I'm in love with Love... I can't help it. But this is probably the truth lol ... not going to lie.. SORRY mom!

McDonalds, how could you NOT love this restaurant .. I even worked there ... quite the stories there, and I even have a McAward from 1999 and a sign from the McDonalds where I worked!

Who doesn't like the old Fairy Tale, GoldiLocks and the 3 bears... one of my favorites anyways lol ...

I'd do a LOT for Scooby snack ... I wonder what they were .. I should google this! lol

What happens at the Pour Decisions Bar, Stays at the Pour Decisions Bar.

I don't think this exists .. but I also don't know what happens in the NORTH, NORTH Of Canada... so I guess anything could be possible!

We all love Ace Ventura and his car .. lol ... that's what divorce will do to you! Stay away.. HIGHLY not recommended.

I'm a pretty loyal guy, but Wendy's... geez. . that's a tough one!

Just never trust a panther .. I don't feel like it would be a good idea !

LOL... This was Hayden's creation and I don't even know what to say lol .. But Tinder is Tinder.

We all know at least one... I mean we don't.. I mean depends who's asking ...

Who didn't love Baywatch .. I even say, I'll never leave a babe behind ... to my GF's or wives lol

Don't we all want to be loved?

If you're divorced, you will most likely get this :)

Halloween is one of favorite holidays so why not have some fun with it!

Might as well just laugh.. what else can I do... hopefully they don't get together...

Jim Carrey and Saturday night live .. I think this was Fireman Bill ... I Think lol .. I should have Googled this ...

Want positive meme's from me Ben? Check them out!

Beavis and Butthead... come on .. how can YOU not love these guys?

Dog the Bounty Hunter ... how cool was he ? Or was he not ? LOL .. I'm not even sure TBH.

Divorce sucks and can be VERY expensive .. so why not laugh at it? lol

This actually kind of looks like my buddy .. won't say his name, but YOU are my hero if you EVER read this .. lol

Who doesn't like the muppets? Come on ... seriously .. Find Waldo, I mean Ben.

I hear you from above Chris .. I love you buddy.. RIP!

My pour guardian angel ... But on a serious note, it's my Nonno and he is/was the BEST:

Shameless... one of my FAVs! Frank ... just hilarious but you still love the guy ... Brilliant show!

How can you NOT laugh at divorce .. it SUCKS but we need the laugh.. TRUST ME ... from the man that's been married way too many times... How it all started .. that's the tag and here is VIDEO #1 to prove it!

The first video ever .. for me anyways lol

Positivity meme's from ME, Ben.

Ben Anthony profile image Ben Anthony