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My Chainsaw obsession

I've always loved chainsaws, and living in the county with lots of land, I had lots of practice.

My Chainsaw obsession
Yup.. he doesn't hurt anyone ... just likes cutting up weird things...

What’s my obsession with chainsaws (videos below to prove it)? I think it all started as a young boy in Lasalle, Ontario when I lived with my parents in the county. And when I say "chainsaws" it shouldn't just be limited to only chainsaws... I think I just love "controlled (safe) destruction" and plus we didn’t have any neighbors and had free roam on acres of land so it just made sense.. to me anyways lol...  

My parents backyard and my nerdy ass - MOM - WTF... why did you DO my hair like that? jk lol

My dad, an immigrant from Italy that came here with nothing and has proven that hard work pays off, LOVES to care for personal items like his tools. We lived on a bigger parcel of land which includes tons of trees, shrubs, bushes, so it was natural to need a chainsaw… 

My parent's field... ohh the times we've had here lol ... Dad/Mom sorry in advance!

BUT, if you know my dad, he would NEVER let me use it… no idea why !  JK, seriously, it was NOT that I wasn’t responsible, it’s just that he is much more “delicate” with his tools than I am… let’s leave it at that… Let’s NOT even remind him about his riding lawnmower… (more on this below lol) 

So as soon as I got my own house, I bought a chainsaw so it’s natural that I’d use it in content and go figure, my FIRST video, below, includes a chainsaw lol … So hopefully you enjoy my collection of chainsaw “moments” because I certainly did!

My first video.. EVER ! #1 .. April 1, 2023

We all get advice we don't want to hear .. and being Italian.. I can be stubborn and known to "only listen to myself".... So for anyone that hates being told what to do, this one is for you:

This pour book shelf.

Not a chainsaw, but it's sister the "Sawzall"... lol ... the things I do to spread my mission of kindness, self worth and laughter:

And if you scrolled all the way down here... I'm going to tell you my BONUS story about my dad's riding lawnmower....

Long story short, my dad is a frugal, successful man, that REALLY takes care of things... his new/old riding lawnmower that is 20 years old looks like it was bought yesterday, yes, he's that OCD about his things!

And why did he buy a new riding lawn mower? Because after he gave me shit about "driving the riding lawnmower" too fast, it actually caught on fire ! Yes, on fire while he was driving it ... here is my reenactment in picture.... don't they say "a picture will tell a thousand words" ? LOL

Yup... talk about fire!

NOTE: Chainsaws or ANY tool is NOT a joke and NOT to play with. All my videos are done with safety in mind. DO NOT try at home.

Ben Anthony profile image Ben Anthony