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Halloween 2023 FUN

First of all, let's get something straight... I LOVE Halloween and HATE Divorce. But I couldn't think of anything scarier than having to deal with ANY holiday after a divorce or break up. Not only are you miserable, but in most cases, unless you're

Halloween 2023 FUN
Halloween 2023 - We had some fun

First of all, let's get something straight... I LOVE Halloween and HATE Divorce. But I couldn't think of anything scarier than having to deal with ANY holiday after a divorce or break up.

Not only are you miserable, but in most cases, unless you're an artist at hiding money in the Cayman islands, you are most likely also a bit broke.

My tip for being a broke divorced single person on Halloween... don't charge for candy like me, simply turn off your lights and hide... I promise, it gets better!

Don't do this at home... no matter how broke you are.

So let's have some fun with our Halloween content. Hell, pun intended, we released over 25 meme's and videos in October alone and we had SO much fun doing it!

In need of a last minute Halloween costume but on a budget? This one is for you and costs pretty much nothing.

And the best Halloween costume goes to?

If you believe or not in Voodoo, it has to be there for a reason right? Anyone know where I can get one by chance? Asking for a friend...

Voodoo anyone?

I've been asked this countless amount of times... I think I'm truly in love with love... nothing more to really say about that.

Please don't try this at home!

We all have that one ex (or many) that just don't like us.. and do you really blame them? In their book, we are the worst. But aren't they the worst in yours as well?

Pretty much the truth for most of us... hopefully in a playful way lol

Based on a true story. A few years back my mom brought me a costume for my young daughter by accident that was not in the least bit appropriate so I did what I do best, had fun with it !

Skele-boner .. You need to see it to understand or try to anyways

Pretty much dead on... But not sure if I would be the one not alive....

I'd be scared to tell them!

We've all been cat fished haven't we? If not, tell me how to avoid it... But truly should looks really matter? Looks fade, personality stays... Make the right choices my friends.

Tinder Catfishing at it's best.

Fan art - Britney, I just LOVED this one... She even included Judge Harrold, a Pour Decisions bar regular!

Fan Art - Thanks Britny Fox

We all want to save money, so when I realized that Halloween was so close to Christmas, I had to share with everyone my new money saving tip!

Money saving tips using Halloween.

Chucky was one of my childhood fears but I didn't realize it would continue as an adult as well..

Scarier now?

Farts can already be scary but at Halloween they are a bit more haunting... pardon the pun.

Farts.. come on .. they're funny!

In all seriousness, I still believe in love. And without failure, we can't succeed.. so maybe I should go with he/she?

Pretty much ... and WHO knows why i'm STILL in love with love!

Why are we all scared of Friday the 13th? I'm way more scared of all my wedding dates but who am I to judge? Just stay safe and un-married on all dates.. how about that?

Stay unmarried on this Friday the 13th!

Divorce just simply sucks and it goes perfectly with a depleted bank account.. So during Halloween I didn't think there would be a better depiction of how it looks and feels to your bank account.

WE all been here.

I'm known to have fun and definitely make Pour Decisions but this one might be one of the best I've seen so far!

We still need to have fun right?

Laugh, because what else can we do about it ? Divorce sucks and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but at least we can feel a bit better than these pumpkins ?

No better depiction!

When you love all your fans so much, you just want to spread happiness and laughter to them all ... even if it's at your friends expense... (don't worry, my friend knows and expects my craziness... or I hope so anyways)

If Halloween & Christmas were one... at my buddy's expense.

I know we missed some of the candies that people "hate" but it's all about perspective. You could be looking at this and seeing your favorite on here. But you get the point :)

Missing a few I know lol

I don't know what's scarier - Jason or Divorce - I guess both together... RUN, seriously RUN.

As if divorce wasn't scary enough already.

Classic, but aren't we all bad in someone's book? That's why I just choose to read the book on my own... Never let someone else's negative influence change what you see on your own.

That's what she said...

Scream, should be the name of one of my wedding stories.. Maybe I can do scream #4 and they can simply tape my next wedding?

Who didn't like Scream?

I guess fortune tellers are real because I FULLY agree with her advice.. now and in the future:

Fortune teller gives Ben his future... RUN BEN... RUNNNNNN

Ben Anthony profile image Ben Anthony